Hohenschönhausen Stasi Prison & Asia Town

Premium Tour Hohenschönhausen Stasi Prison & Asia Town
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of Berlin. Our tour takes you from the Führerbunker up to the Stasi prison Hohenschönhausen. Former prisoners will lead you through interrogation rooms and prison cells. You will learn first hand the terrible state of detention under which prisoners had to suffer at that time and which role the prison played in the former German Democratic Republic's system of political persecution.

  • Myth "Führerbunker" (Leader's Bunker)

    Where today cars park and dwelling houses stand, Hitler committed suicide in 1945. No parts of the bunker itself can be seen anymore, but our guides will show you where it was located and will explain to you why almost everything has been removed.

  • Old Town Wall

    Hard to believe, but also Berlin-Cölln was once just a medieval provincial town. Only a few metres of the very first city wall are left.

  • Franciscan monastery church

    In the middle of the capital the ruins of this temple are a hidden and magic place. The mighty brick walls are more than 700 years old!

  • Karl-Marx-Alley

    A socialist splendour boulevard had once been realized here under the name of Stalin Alley. The “working-class palaces” in gingerbread style were supposed to demonstrate the strength and engineering ability of the German Democratic Republic.

  • Former Area of the Stasi Headquarter

    Normannenstrasse 1 was the official residence of Erich Mielke, Minister of State Security from 1957 until the end of the German Democratic Republic.

  • Dong Xuan Center (Berlin Asia Town)

    The Far East in Lichtenberg! Berlin Vietnamese have transformed several halls into a huge colourful market with hundreds of stalls. You can eat and shop here just, like being in Hanoi.

  • Stasi Prison Hohenschönhausen (including a guided tour)

    Thousands of victims of political persecution were imprisoned in the cells, almost all amongst them well known members of the East German opposition. 44 years of political persecution under Soviet occupation and German Democratic Republic dictatorship come depressingly to life, especially when being guided by former prisoners.

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