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Are you familiar with the south-west of Berlin? Have you seen the ostentatious villa districts of Grunewald and Wannsee, where prominent people resided? The places where the darkest chapters of German history were in the making and spy swaps took place in cloak-and-dagger operations during the Cold War? A memorial right on top of the Wannsee reminds us of the place where Heinrich von Kleist committed suicide and the gorgeous garden of famous painter Max Liebermann invites you to take a walk.

  • Villa colony Grunewald

    The “millionaire dullsville” of Berlin. Let us show you where Romy Schneider, Hildegard Knef and the director of “Nosferatu”, Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau, lived.

  • Memorial “Track 17” (Gleis 17)

    This is the place where the systematic deportation of the Berlin Jews started. The first train left Grunewald station on October 18th, 1941.

  • Wannsee Lido

    Even though Berliners have been taking baths here for more than 100 years and the famous song “Pack die Badehose ein” climbed to the top of the charts in 1951, the lido is anything but old-fashioned yet still jam-packed every summer.

  • Schwanenwerder Island

    The idyllic location turned the island very early into one of the most exclusive residential areas. Joseph Goebbels, Albert Speer and Axel Springer lived in representative lakeside villas.

  • Heinrich von Kleist – Monument and Gravestone

    Life itself brings up the saddest stories. On top of the idyllic Wannsee the big German dramatist put a dramatic end to his own and that of his friend's.

  • Max Liebermann Villa (including a guided tour)

    One of the most important painters of German Impressionism created more than 200 works of art in his summer residency, his “castle by the lake” and its garden.

  • House of the Wannsee Conference

    5.6 to 6.3 million people were murdered during the Holocaust – and it all began here. In 1942, the “final solution regarding the Jew question” was planned here in detail.

  • Glienicke Palace

    Lions of gold guard this neo-classical gem which was once planned as an image of an Italian villa in a southern landscape. It is inscribed in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

  • Glienicke Bridge

    On the one side, the East German Democratic Republic, on the other side, West Berlin - the bridge was the scene of spectacular spy swaps in times of the Cold War. Steven Spielberg’s historical drama-thriller “Bridge of Spies” featuring Tom Hanks was shot at the historic site.

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